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How to Secure Your Online Processing Web Site

By 10x Marketing

It’s so easy making purchases online and just waiting until they arrive in the mail. However, with this rise in web business and online credit card processing, people need to be even more diligent in protecting their identity. Make sure you are playing it smart when it comes to using internet transactions to make your life easier.

Credit cards are the most common way people pay for things online. While some options also include paypal, direct from your checking account or e-check, most people tend to rely on credit cards. You should not be afraid to shop online or store your information online. However, you can easily make yourself smarter regarding some of the scams out there and also how to make sure you are shopping from a secure source.

1. Keep your internet browser updated. Browsers have security software capabilities and you need to keep this information up to date. Make sure you are using the latest encryption technology.

2. You can look for digital certificates to validate the identity of the site you visit. Look for the VeriSign logo on the site or other such independent services, which will assure you that the site is legitimate.

3. Read the privacy policy. Make sure that your personal information isn’t being sold or passed around.

4. Use one credit for online purchases rather than several.

5. Every once in awhile you may receive those scam e-mails asking you to verify your personal information, passwords or credit card numbers. Don’t fall for these e-mails. Never give out this kind of information unless you know exactly who is requesting it.

6. Keep receipts and keep track of your credit card statements.

7. You will almost always get an online receipt when you purchase. Make sure you receive one.

8. Keep an eye on the domain. Make sure you are not transferred to an outside site trying to steal your information.

More and more people are using the internet to save costs during this troubled economy. From online subscription services allowing you to get household items at monthly increments to buying gifts for the whole family, there is a reason for everyone to flock to the web. It is a great way to comparison shop. Online banking too is becoming more commonplace. The days of check writing are in the past and the days of bill pay, credit and debit cards are here to stay. In fact, even a lot of media is now online allowing users to purchase downloadable television shows, movie and music. We have not seen the end of the wonders and possibilities available with the internet.

Act smart when you purchase things online, pay your bills or handle other banking matters. You don’t have to shy away from the internet as more and more things are becoming easier to handle online.

However, you should stay smart. Protect yourself so those scam artists don’t steal your identity. If you do become afraid that you are a victim of identity theft check your credit report online. Stay on top of your information so that you can make sure it is accurate. If you take some simple steps to keep your information safe you will be able to shop online with peace of mind.

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