Online web merchant accounts accept all major credit cards instantly. Web merchant accounts are also known as credit card merchant accounts, ecommerce merchant accounts, internet merchant accounts and online merchant accounts. Basically, each web merchant account has the ability to accept credit cards payment online 24/7 from local and international credit cards. This feature is extremely important to ensure your web site can sell your products online while you are sleeping.

How to Sell Products With Merchant Accounts

Generally, merchant account can be used to sell any stuffs on the internet, buy any products that available online, send or transfer money to other people and receive money from buyers.

In this topic I will explain how to use merchant account to sell products on the internet in the simplest way. In order to use it successfully to sell your products online you need to consider these.

  1. Apply for any merchant accounts or third party credit cards processor.
  2. Product(s) - the products must be ready to sell
  3. Sales page - you need to integrate your merchant accounts with your website or blog to sell your products.
  4. You need a valid email address.
  5. Autoresponder (optional).
  6. Thank you page or download page - the page that merchant account provider will send the customer to after they make a payment. The customer will only reach this page if their credit card is verified or valid.
On the thank you page you should have:
  1. Product name that the customer bought from you + product images
  2. Thank the customer for buying your products.
  3. Your email address so that the customer can contact you if they have any questions about your products they just bought.
  4. Download link – If you are selling the ebook or any downloadable products, you should have the download link on your thank you page or any link to your download page.
  5. If the products need to ship to your customer’s address you need to tell them as a remainder about the products weight, shipping cost, what type of shipping service will be used and how many days the products will be arrived.
  6. Autoresponder is an optional but recommended - you are recommended to integrate your thank you page or download page with autoresponder so that you can offer your buyers with your future products or you can use your autoresponder to send the download link to your buyers... just in case if anything happening.

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Web Merchant Accounts Quick Review

Paypal- Free signup and free for selling multiple products.
Asianpay- Free to signup and Paypal alternative for Asian countries and International.
2CheckOut- Sell downlaodable products like ebooks and $49 one time setup fee for selling products.
ClickBank- $49 One time setup fee for selling products, free to signup for affiliate programs but accept visitors from certain counteris only.
PayDotCom- ClickBank alternative web merchant account, Sell one product is free and $29 One time setup fee for selling multiple products

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