Online web merchant accounts accept all major credit cards instantly. Web merchant accounts are also known as credit card merchant accounts, ecommerce merchant accounts, internet merchant accounts and online merchant accounts. Basically, each web merchant account has the ability to accept credit cards payment online 24/7 from local and international credit cards. This feature is extremely important to ensure your web site can sell your products online while you are sleeping.

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Autoresponder is one of the most important stuff when talk about selling products online. Get code from autoresponder and insert into website. You need to integrate your website or blog with your autoresponder form and offer your visitors to fill up the autoresponder form with their name and primary email address if they like to receive about your products details information or anything you might offer to them. If your visitors are intrested with your offer, they will fill up the autoresponder form on your web site.

Autoresponder automatically sends emails to everyone who requests further information about your products. An Autoresponder lets you respond immediately when the visitors need it. The autoresponder is working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Each autoresponder can contain an ordering information or your products information along with complete ordering instructions. You can deliver your free ebooks, newsletters, blogs, press kit, articles, or just about any other text information very quickly. Follow up email responders can be sent automatically to your visitors base on the time interval that you choose whether daily, weekly monthly, yearly and etc.

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Web Merchant Accounts Quick Review

Paypal- Free signup and free for selling multiple products.
Asianpay- Free to signup and Paypal alternative for Asian countries and International.
2CheckOut- Sell downlaodable products like ebooks and $49 one time setup fee for selling products.
ClickBank- $49 One time setup fee for selling products, free to signup for affiliate programs but accept visitors from certain counteris only.
PayDotCom- ClickBank alternative web merchant account, Sell one product is free and $29 One time setup fee for selling multiple products

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