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Miva Merchant is SEO Friendly

By Phoenix Delray

A search engine is something that is designed to search for information on what we know as the World Wide Web. This information can consist of web pages, images and many other types of files. Some of the search engines can also mine through data that is available in newsgroups, databases and different kinds of open directories. Before we had these things known as search engines, there was just a complete and boring list of all web servers. These were maintained by people and it was an extremely long and tedious process to update them. Web search engines are great because they operate algorithmically or they are a simple mixture of algorithmic and human input. Either way, they are much better then what preceded them.

Many people do not understand search engines and they think that they have a hidden agenda or something, but that is absolutely false. Search engines are very helpful because they provide content that is of high quality to anyone who is searching on the internet. Search engines that have the broadest distribution networks are the ones that sell the largest amount of space for advertising. Google and Yahoo are examples of this, but Google is considered to be the search engine with the greatest relevancy.

When you start and build a new site, probably one of the first things you do is decide on what product you want to market and sell. After this you should look into different shopping cart programs for your site. Some products you may want to learn a little more about is Miva Merchant, Zen Cart, OS Commerce and BV Commerce. Miva Merchant is marketed as a program that is SEO friendly right out of the box, but it is important to entertain other options too. This will ensure that you make the best possible choice for your business. Probably the biggest problem with new websites is making it so search engines recognize it. When a new site is launched on the internet, search engines have no idea that it exists.

Typically, search engines learn to trust websites the more time that goes by because they see that they have been on the web for a substantial amount of time. The best way to get your site picked up and visited is to build links toward it through articles. If you write articles that are relevant to your site and product, post them on the internet with link backs on them, within months you are sure to climb the rankings on any search engine.

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