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Yahoo Merchant - Processing Orders Just Got Easier

By Russell Blanc

Your online store is designed to get orders. After all, that's why you're in business, right? But with some online store scripts and providers, actually fulfilling orders can be a challenge. Yahoo Merchant makes filling orders easy, so you can spend your time doing things you enjoy. After all, that's why you started your own business in the first place.

With Yahoo Merchant, you can choose to be notified of new orders by email, fax or online. However you prefer to work, you can be alerted to new orders right away, so that you can get the products out to your buyers quickly.

With your online store from Yahoo Merchant, you have all the tools you need to process orders, including not only fulfilling those orders but also managing returns and exchanges, issuing refunds, and voiding transactions. These functions are quick and simple, making running your Yahoo Merchant store a breeze to operate.

Keeping in touch with your customers and tracking orders are essential to running a store, and with Yahoo Merchant you can do these tasks easily, and look up old orders for customers who have a question or would like to reorder a product they've bought from you before.

If you use order management or accounting software, as most store owners do, you can transmit your Yahoo Merchant Solutions data easily to your computer and use customer data in your business records with no fuss.

If your online store carries physical products, you'll need to ship those products. Unlike many online merchant systems, Yahoo Merchant allows you to choose any carrier you like, easily set shipping rates based on the product's weight, the destination, the order total, or any other criteria you choose. You can also offer free shipping to encourage repeat sales or reward customers for buying a certain product or in a certain time frame.

International shipping can cause a lot of headaches for online store owners, but with Yahoo Merchant, international shipping is absolutely no problem. You choose where you will ship and set shipping rates for international destinations.

Sales tax can be confusing with Internet sales, and failing to collect and pay sales tax can carry sever penalties. Yahoo Merchant allows you to determine quickly and easily whether you need to collect taxes, and helps you set up the right tax rates based on your location and the buyer's location.

As you know, running an online store is more than just putting up a web site; you need the tools to fulfill orders, process payment, and promote your store. In other words, you need a complete solution. With Yahoo Merchant Solutions, not only is the word solution right in the name, but you know you're working with Yahoo, one of the most respected companies on the web.

You have a lot of choices when setting up your online store. Making the choice to build your store with Yahoo Merchant will help you build a professional store, attract visitors and make sales, so you can spend your time the way you wish.

Russell Blanc is a professional in the web hosting industry and manages a Yahoo Web Hosting and Yahoo Merchant resource web site at

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